Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Official Trailer of '2 Frogs dans l'Ouest'

A few days ago, the first trailer of the upcoming Canadian independent film 2 Frogs dans l'Ouest, which was directed by Dany Papineau. A presence for the film at an international film festival and a theatrical release have yet to be confirmed.

The screenplay was written by Dany Papineau, Grégoire Bédard and David Uloth.

In the story, we follow Marie Deschamps (Mirianne Brulé), a young 20-year-old Quebecker girl who quits college. She plans to go on the Canadian West coast to learn English. Obviously, her father (Germain Houde) is against this trip and wants her to finish school instead. Moreover, he tells Marie that if she dares to travel across Canada, she'll no longer have the right to come back to her parents' house. Marie's journey will bring her up to Whistler, British Columbia, where she will meet other young people who are a little lost just like her. However, somewhere out in the West, these people and this adventure will change her life forever.

Besides, the film also star Diane Lavallée, Dany Papineau, Anik Vermette, Valérie Chevalier and Jessica Malka.

Finally, here's the trailer.

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