Sunday, July 11, 2010

At Home By Myself... With You (2010)

I don't know what Canadian filmmakers eat for breakfast, but they seem to excel in making romantic comedies. These are the first ones that come to my mind: Young People Fucking, Love and Magnets and Dodging the Clock. Now, comes Kris Booth's At Home by Myself... with You, a smart film that combines comedy and drama.

Meet Romy Scott (Kristin Booth), a woman who has developed some phobias because of traumatic events in childhood and adolescence. She's afraid of the storm, getting outside, kissing, lobsters and opening boxes. As a result of that, she's never left her apartment since she was 24 years old. In order to pay her bills, this woman from Toronto works in her apartment as a self-employed travel agent. Moreover, Romy seeks the help of either of her neighbours - Erin (Shauna MacDonald) and Bessie (Rosemary Dunsmore) - to perform tasks like opening boxes for her.

However, at some point in her life, Bessie passes away and Erin has less time on her hands for Romy. This is why Romy feels blocked in her life. Then comes Guy (Aaron Abrams), Bessie's son and Romy's new neighbour. As they begin to know each other, Guy will try to fulfill the impossible mission: make Romy conquer her phobias one by one. Nevertheless, can Romy really love Guy (and kiss him), a man who likes to go outside and travel?

Obviously, you won't know what to expect from Kris Booth's first feature film. However, after you've gone through it, you'll be convinced that ludicrous ideas can be profitable thanks to the well-written storyline by Kris Booth and Ramona Barckert. Indeed, the film's main strength is definitely its good use of the character of Romy for both comedic and dramatic purposes at the right time. While Romy doesn't inspire pity, her confrontation with her phobias always maintain the hope that she'll conquer them.

Besides, it really helps to have Romy played by Kristin Booth (no relation with Kris Booth), an actresses I like more the more I see her. As Romy, Booth carries the film on her shoulder with ease. In fact, she doesn't overact in the crucial scenes of the film that depict Romy's phobias. As a result of that, it contributes to make her character quite believable and easy to root for. In addition to that, there's a really nice chemistry between Kristin Booth and her co-star Aaron Abrams.

Finally, while the film is a little bit simple and predictable, it definitely is worth watching. Indeed, the film is so funny, charming and well executed that you just can't help but succumb to its power of seduction. Besides,

Rating: 4.5/5

Origin:Canada (2010)
Length:90 minutes
Genre:Romantic comedy
Screenplay:Kris Booth
Director:Kris Booth
Starring:Kristin Booth and Aaron Abrams

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