Saturday, July 10, 2010

Aaron Woodley's 'Entitled' Has Begun Production

Canadian director Aaron Woodley, one of the directors of the anthology film Toronto Stories, is preparing an upcoming feature film. This film, which is called Entitled, has been in production since July 5 in Toronto. Filming will be over on August 1rst.

According to the film's production company Foundation Features, the story goes like this:

Paul Dynan (Kevin Zegers) is a decent, intelligent 24-year-old man. But he is also one of the new generation of young people who have played by the rules, working hard and graduated college – only to find that the certainties of the past are gone. With out a job or future, he plans the perfect crime to redress the balance. He will extort a fortune from three wealthy men, all great friends, who typify the ruling class that made their millions when the going was good – he will abduct their perfect Ivy League children.

Over the course of one long, dark night, Dynan holds these ‘debutantes’ hostage – with little idea of the secret antagonisms that are bubbling poisonously to the surface between their fathers when they are forced to choose between their blood and their money.

He is aided by two nihilistic youths whom he has drawn into his cunning web with the lure of destruction and infamy – so nihilistic that they are unaware of just how perfect Dynan’s crime actually is- for when the night is through they alone will be seen as the perpetrators.

It will be a night in which nothing is quite as it seems, that none of the participants will ever forget, that will change every one of them – and in which Dynan, the puppet-master, will literally get away with murder, unknown to his victims or the authorities – but pay a far greater price. One he had never anticipated…

The story was penned by William Morrissey.

The cast includes Laura Vandervoort, Ray Liotta, Victor Garber, Dustin Milligan, Stephen McHattie, Devon Bostick, John Bregar and Tatiana Maslany.

Finally, a release date has yet to be announced.

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