Monday, July 26, 2010

'5150 rue des Ormes' on DVD in France on Sept. 21

According to, a website that allows you to buy DVD online, the Canadian thriller 5150, Rue des Ormes (5150 Elm's Way), an adaptation of Patrick Senécal's bestselling novel, will be released on DVD in France on September 21.

Here's the description of the synopsis taken from a review I wrote:

Yannick Bérubé (Marc-André Grondin) just got accepted at a cinema school. After he had moved in an appartment, he begins to film his first film project for school. While he was bycicling in a residential neighbourhood, Yannick falls of his bike. Because of the scratches on his hands and his elbow, he asks Jacques Beaulieu (Normand D'Amour), a cab driver who is not on a shift, to call a cab for him.

Since he has to wash the blood off his hands, Yannick does the mistake of entering Jacques's house. Furthermore, because he discovered an agonizing man kept in an empty room, Yannick will get locked in this room by Jacques for the time being. Obviously, Jacques's family looks normal on the surface. However, Jacques is, in actuality, a psychopath (he kills people "who deserves it") who believes he's the last of the Just Assassins (a reference to Albert Camus's play?); Michelle (Mylène St-Sauveur), the teenager, looks more dangerous than her father; Maude (Sonia Vachon), Jacques's wife, blindly obeys to him and is a Jesus freak. As for Anne (Élodie Larivière), the youngest daughter, she's mute.

While he has always tried to escape, Yannick will receive a proposal from Jacques. The only thing he has to do is to beat Jacques once in chess.
Here's what included in the special features:

  • Interview with the cast and crew.
  • Picture gallery.
  • Theatrical trailer of the film.
  • Internet links.

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