Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The World's First Pixel Movie Will Come Soon

Are you looking for an animation film that doesn't look like an old Walt Disney film or a film from Pixar? British director Chris Blundell is preparing the world's first pixel movie and it will begin production.

The film The Hit Squad has been in preparation for two years and will begin production. It combines retro pixel animation and High Definition 3D.

The film The Hit Squad tells the story of a band that had success in the 1980s. Roddy Stones and his songwriting team have hit rock bottom. They no longer have the fame they had in the 1980s, now they have 30 days to save their studio from their arch rivals Scourge. Can they get back their fame and fortune?

In order to have a part in the film, you must fund it by going on the film's Indiegogo page. Besides, here's what you get depending on how you decide to fund the film.

$9 or more = Digital Download and credit
You will get: HD digital copy of the finished movie Your name in the credits!

$20 or more = Signed DVD
A signed DVD copy of the finished movie. Plus everything above!

$70 or more = You're an extra in the movie
You will be drawn and animated into the movie as an extra. Plus everything above!

$120 or more = Premiere Ticket
A ticket to the official premiere of the film (held in London) Plus everything above!

$200 or more = Speaking Role in the movie
A speaking part in the movie! You will be drawn and animated into the movie and be selected to record lines in the movie. Plus everything above!

$1,500 or more = Official Movie Sponsor
Your company name included in all of the materials accompanying the movie including DVD covers and press material. You get 3 x DVDs of the movie and 3 x premiere tickets. plus all of the above!

Finally, hurry up, because the major parts in the film - depending on how you choose to fund the film - are limited! No release date has been announced for the film.

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