Saturday, June 19, 2010

TV Series 'Musée Eden' on DVD on Oct. 26

Fans of procedural dramas, have in mind that Musée Eden, a TV series created by Gilles Desjardins, will come out on DVD in Canada on October 26. The show was aired this spring, after the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, on Radio-Canada, a French Canadian public TV network.

In this TV series that takes place in the Montreal of the 1910s, we follow Camille (Mariloup Wolfe) and Florence Courval (Laurence Leboeuf), two sisters who hail from Manitoba. They both decide to come to Montreal in order to inherit the Musée Eden, a crime museum, from their deceased uncle, Félix Courval. However, it appears that Mr. Courval got murdered under very fishy circumstances. Needless to say that the Courval sisters will take interest in solving their uncle's murder.

This will lead the two sisters to come across many people who are interested by the investigation on Félix Courval's murder. In the Montreal police department, they meet Det. Dagenais (Guy Nadon), a corrupted lawman who has ties to the mayor; Dr. Edmond Boyer, a forensic expert who is ahead of his time and who loathes Det. Dagenais; and Coroner Boutet (Benoît Brière). Moreover, the Courval sisters also meet Étienne Monestier (Éric Bruneau), a young journalist who is hellbent to expose the corruption in Montreal.

The show also stars Vincent-Guillaume Otis, Jean-Nicolas Verreault, Gaston Lepage, Suzanne Champagne, Hugo Giroux, Nico Gagnon and Patrick Lauzon.

Finally, Radio-Canada hasn't announced if it will renew Musée Eden for a second season. All in all, don't forget that the first season will come out on DVD on October 26, 2010.

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