Thursday, June 3, 2010

TV Series 'Men with Brooms' Will Begin Production at the End of June

CBC, a Canadian public TV network, revealed a few days ago that Men with Brooms, a sitcom based on the hit Canadian film of the same name, will be part of its 2010 fall schedule grid.

Since The Cultural Post didn't attend to the CBC 2010 Fall Preview event, it unfortunately has no precise informations about the script of the TV series. However, from what we all know for now, the sitcom will take place many years after the events in the curling film Men with Brooms, a film made in 2002 starring Paul Gross.

Besides, have in mind that Men with Brooms will begin production in Winnipeg, Manitoba and will go through August. The curling scenes will be shot at an actual rink, the Fort Rouge Curling Club.

Paul Gross will have a cameo role in the sitcom and will be the narrator.

Finally, the sitcom Men with Brooms will premiere on Monday, September 20th at 8:30 PM on CBC. As for the trailer, this must be that of the pilot. Besides Paul Gross, the actors that I personally recognize are Siobhan Murphy and Joel S. Keller.

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