Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Leading Cast Confirmed for 'Good Dog'

At last, the identity of the leading actors of the upcoming Canadian half-hour comedy series Good Dog has been announced. The show is currently in production in Toronto until August and will premiere on The Movie Network, a Canadian premium cable network, in 2011.

Obviously, those who keep an eye on what's going on in the Canadian showbiz industry have known for quite a while that writer/actor Ken Finkleman will be the lead. He'll play a character named George, a rich and old man who's got his own TV show about him that he wants to call Embrace your Enthusiasm. Besides, he's dating Claire (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation's Lauren Lee Smith), a gorgeous former model who is half George's age. It’s a hot May-December relationship in which George discovers he must be a “Good Dog” if he wants it to work out. Did we mention Claire has two young children and a nanny, who over time come to live with them? George’s friend, Doug (Jason Weinberg), bears the brunt of most of George’s “bright ideas,” which generally end badly, but not without revealing a nugget of truth.

Finally, The Movie Network has ordered 13 episodes of this show that will be written, directed and also produced by Ken Finkleman, who is best known for writing the acclaimed Canadian TV series The Newsroom.

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