Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just for Laughs Festival Reveals its Feature and Short Films Line-Up

From July 13th to the 18th, the Just for Laughs Festival will hod its 14th edition of Just for Laughs Film in Montreal. Besides, The Cultural Post got wind of Just for Laughs Film's line-up.

First of all, speaking about Canadian feature films, there will be two ones: Alain Desrochers's Cabotins and Seth W. Owen’s Peepers. The first film stars Rémy Girard, Yves Jacques, Dorothée Berryman, Gilles Renaud and Pierre-François Legendre. It tells the story of a ruined ex-showman and actor who would like to get back in the world of burlesque theatre with his former colleagues and organize a tour. As for Peepers, it stars Joe Cobden, Paul Spence, Jessica Paré, Janine Theriault and Ricky Mabe. It tells the story of three men who sneak across Montreal's rooftops with binoculars. However, a young female student gives to these men a taste of their own game.

Furthermore, the line-up of films also includes American: The Bill Hicks Story, directed by Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas; Winnebago Man, a film about the Internet phenomenon Jack Rebney; Just Like Us, a documentary about comedian Ahmed Ahmed stand-up performances in the Middle-East; and also John Brady's documentary I Am Comic.

However, the biggest surprise of the Just for Laughs Film is the American remake of Le dîner de cons, which is Jay Roach's Dinner for Schmucks. This comedy starring Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and Bruce Greenwood. We follow an office worker who, in order to get a promotion at his job, must bring an idiot at his boss's dinner as his guest. Besides, this office worker must win the contest of the employee who has the perfect idiot. The highly-anticipated comedy also features hilarious appearances by Zach Galifianakis, Jemaine Clement, Ron Livingston, David Walliams, Lucy Punch, and Quebec’s own Bruce Greenwood.

Besides, there are also short films that will be presented. Finally, here are the screening schedule for the feature films:

Name of the film

Screening date

Where to see it
Dinner for Schmucks July 15 at 8 PM Imperial Theatre (Centre Sandra & Leo Kolber, Salle Lucie et André Chagnon)
Cabotins July 18 at 2 PM
American: The Bill Hicks Story July 15 at 7 PM NFB CineRobotheque
Peepers July 14 at 9 PM
Just Like Us July 15 at 9 PM
I Am Comic July 16 at 9 PM

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