Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Quebec!

Hi there everybody, this is the day that we, Quebeckers, celebrate the birthday of Quebec. Here's my wish for this day: one day, I hope that most Quebeckers from the ethnic majority will stop acting like idiots who have no confidence in Quebec's ability to culturally survive. Now that I've made my wish, I'd like to leave you with the traditional 10-question quiz. So you think you know Quebec?

1. In 1961, Quebec's government created an inquiry commission in order to fix all the problems of the provincial educational system. Who was the president of this inquiry commission?
a. Jean-Denis Gendron
b. Gérard Bouchard
c. Alphonse-Marie Parent
d. Lawrence Poitras

2. Read the following lyrics of a song written by Stéphane Venne in 1970:"C'est le début d'un temps nouveau/La terre est à l'année zéro/La moitié des gens n'ont pas trente ans/Les femmes font l'amour librement/Les hommes ne travaillent presque plus/Le bonheur est la seule vertu." Who sang it?
a. Renée Claude
b. George Thurston
c. Diane Dufresne
d. Édith Butler

3. This Quebecker playwright received the title of Chevalier de l'Ordre des arts et des lettres (France) in 2002, wrote the play Incendies and is one of the founders of Abé carré cé carré, a creation company. Who is it?
a. Serge Boucher
b. René-Daniel Dubois
c. Michel Tremblay
d. Wajdi Mouawad

4. This Quebecker poet is known for having edited an anthology book that gathers a variety of "separatist" texts. Who is it?
a. Andrée Ferretti
b. Émille Nelligan
c. Jacques Ferron
d. Marie Laberge

5. Listen to this song and indicate which Quebecker singer originally wrote and performed it:

a. Steffie Shock
b. Leonard Cohen
c. Rufus Wainwright
d. Martha Wainwright

6. According to the Gagnon-Tremblay-McDougall Agreement, a document that draws the line between Quebec's and Canada's powers regarding international immigration, Quebec DOES NOT have any control over what?
a. The immigration examb. Refugees
c. The annual number of immigrantsd. Temporary foreign workers

7. This former head coach of the Montreal Canadiens has always been mocked for his incorrect uses of French proverbs and idioms. Who is it?
a. Alain Vigneaultb. Mario Tremblay
c. Jacques Demersd. Jean Perron

8. Who am I? I'm Catholic priest of Montreal and I'm a leading figure of oecumenism. I became the head of the Commission diocésaine d'oecuménisme de Montréal in 1962. Moreover, I'm also known for trying to build a bridge between Catholic and Protestant Quebeckers.
a. Irénée Beaubienb. Lionel Groulx
c. Paul-Émile Légerd. Marie Victorin

9. What is it? This Quebecker candy is traditionally prepared on November 25.
a. Pouding chômeurb. Cipaille
c. Tire de la Ste-Catherined. Queue de castor

10. The Official Language Act - or Bill 22 - was promulgated under the rule of which Premier?
a. Jean Lesageb. Robert Bourassa
c. Daniel Johnson Sr.Jean-Jacques Bertrand

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