Sunday, May 23, 2010

[Video] Kris Booth Talks About Funding 'At Home by Myself... with You'

In this interview given to Samantha Gutstadt, from the online magazine RealTVfilms, Canadian director Kris Booth talks about the way his independent film At Home by Myself... with You got funded.

The story is centred on a beautiful woman (Kristin Booth) who has many phobias. The biggest of them all is to leave her apartment. During one day, this woman meets the nephew (Aaron Abrams) of one of her neighbours (Rosemary Dunsmore). Besides, both of the young people fall for each other. Will that guy manage to get this girl outside of her apartment?

The film also stars Shauna MacDonald, Ryan Blakely, Raoul Bhaneja, Jefferson Brown, Brandon Firla, Andrea McCulloch and Gordon Pinsent.

Finally, At Home by Myself... with You is already available on DVD in Canada.

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