Friday, May 21, 2010

[News] Production Underway for Season 2 of 'Bienvenue aux dames'

As V, a Quebecker TV network, announced it in December 2009, that it has renewed the sitcom Bienvenue aux dames for a second season. Moreover, the production for the second season has already begun.

This TV series follows Kevin Matteau (Peter MacLeod), a single and a publicist living large in Montreal. On the day of his 40th birthday, he realizes that his life is empty. When he look back on his life, he's slept with 234 different women, has never had the time to live a "private life" because of his work and doesn't have true friends in Montreal. Besides, he also realizes that he has no wishes regarding his future.

However, despite his boss' (Marie Turgeon) desire to bring him back, Kevin will stay in Lac Touchet, the small town where he was born. Besides, with the help of his friend Ti-Louis (Rémi-Pierre Paquin), Kevin will try to revive his late uncle's tavern. Unfortunately for Kevin, Carolanne Bernier (Anick Lemay), a local business woman, and other investors believe that this tavern - which has been empty and for sell for quite a while - is a nuisance to Lac Touchet's economic development. In fact, Carolanne and other people want to demolish the tavern and build a historical park in honour of Lac Touchet's founders.

The TV series also star Véronique Bannon, Sylvie Boucher, Bruno Marcil, Brigitte Lafleur, Simon Boudreault and Dan Bigras.

Finally, we should expect Bienvenue aux dames's second season to be broadcasted during this fall. By the way, the trailer of the first season is tucked under the seat.

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