Friday, May 28, 2010

[News] Production Complete for 'Amazon Falls'

Canadian director Katrin Bowen announced on the blog of her next film, Amazon Falls, that its production is over. Besides, the film should be in film festivals.

It tells the story of Jana (April Telek), a B-movie actress. She has made a name for herself by playing "pre-Xena warrior-princesses". However, even though Jane is getting closer to her forties, she still believes that acting in B-movies is the job she deserves. As new roles become rare for her, will Jana throw the towel or keep fighting?

Other stars of the film include William B. Davis, Gabrielle Rose, Adrian Holmes, Lisa Marie Caruk, Gary Chalk, Zak Santiago, Anna Mae Routledge, Tom Braidwood, Benjamin Ratner, Matty Finochio and Alexandra Staseson.

Finally, no release date has been confirmed for this film that was shot in Burnaby, Vancouver (both are cities from British Columbia, Canada) and Los Angeles. Nonetheless, here's a behind the scene clip of the film.

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