Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[News] 'George Ryga's Hungry Hills' in Regina on May 14

If any of you live in Regina, Saskatchewan, have in mind that George Ryga's Hungry Hills will be screened at Regina Public Library this Friday on May 14.

Obviously, the film was shot in and around Regina and also Qu’Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan. The film was adapted from a novel written by George Ryga (1932-1985), a Canadian writer.

First of all, Hungry Hills takes place in 1954. After two years in a home for boys, Snit Mandolin (Keir Gilchrist), 15, returns home to his seemingly unhinged and reclusive aunt Matilda (Gabrielle Rose). Defeated by a community that still shuns him, confronted by the impossibility of surviving on his aunt’s farm, Snit falls in with Johnny Swift (Alexander De Jordy), 16, another outcast.

Johnny makes moonshine and sells it through a local bootlegger. The boys work together and become fast friends. And Snit finds first love with a free-spirited local girl, Robin, 16 (Alexia Fast). Their adventure is interrupted by the enigmatic and unpredictable Roy Kane (John Pyper-Ferguson), the district’s private cop, who took Snit away two years ago and will now use the boys to get to the bootlegger. Dogged by Kane, betrayed by a bootlegger and plagued by the ghosts of the past, the boys’ partnership ends – their friendship broken. Alone once more in the community that rejected him, Snit comes to a violent crossroads.

Finally, The Cultural Post can't tell if George Ryga's Hungry Hills will have a roll out in other Canadian cities.

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