Thursday, May 20, 2010

[News] First Images and Trailer of 'Tromper le silence'

Yesterday, Les Films Séville, a film distributor, revealed on its Twitter page ([1] and [2]) that Tromper le silence, the third film directed by Julie Hivon (Crème glacée, chocolat et autres consolations), will be in Quebec's theatres on September 3, 2010.

At the same time, the people at Les Films Séville were also nice enough to give the URL of the film's official web site.

The story of the film follows Viviane (Suzanne Clément), a photograph. Ever since Frédéric (Sébastien Huberdeau), her brother who accepted to pose as a model for her, no longer wants to see her, Viviane has had the feeling that her career is in a dead end. Indeed, her conflict with her brother has made it hard for Viviane to move on.

However, after her encounter with Guillaume (Maxime Dumontier), a young mechanic, Viviane believes that her creative mind is back. Besides, Viviane has the feeling an energy comparable to that of Frédéric oozes from Guillaume. At the same time, because he's tormented by a tragedy that tore his family apart, Guillaume often violently behaves. Obviously, Viviane is disturbed by this, yet fascinated.

Finally, the film also stars Claude Prégent, Pascale Montpetit, Sophie Cadieux, Thomas Lalonde and Benoît Gouin.

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