Sunday, May 30, 2010

Details on the Script of 'Being Erica' Season 3

Yesterday, Temple Street Productions, the production studio being the hit TV series Being Erica, revealed some details about the script of Being Erica's third season.

Those who have seen the second season knows that Erica Strange (Erin Karpluk), a thirty-two-year-old woman from Toronto, broke up with her boyfriend, Ethan Wakefield (Tyron Leitso). Besides, she got fired from her job as a junior editor at River Rock, a publishing house along with her boss (and also friend), Julianne Giacomelli (Reagan Pasternak). As the second season's cliffhanger suggested it, Erica and Julianne have decided to found a publishing house of their own.

Brent Kennedy (Morgan Kelly), Erica's and Julianne's former colleague, is now the editor at River Rock. Because he holds a grudge against Erica and Julianne, he'll stop at nothing to put them out of business. As for her therapy with Dr. Tom (Michael Riley), Erica will talk about "transformation" with him. This means that Erica must find the right thing to do in order to fulfill her destiny.

For the third season, we should expect to see returning characters like Erica's fellow time-traveler Kai (Sebastian Pigott), Erica’s mother Barb (Kathleen Laskey), father Gary (John Boylan) and Erica's sister, Samantha (Joanna Douglas). Newcomers for the third season include Adam (Adam Fergus) who both befriends Erica and is a thorn in her side; Lenin (Brandon Jay McLaren), a new love interest for Samantha; the “bear” couple Dave (Bill Turnbull) and Ivan (Michael Northey), new owners of Goblins café; and the all-powerful Dr. Arthur played by Oscar-nominated actor Graham Greene.

Finally, the third season will premiere this fall on the CBC, a Canadian public TV network, on Tuesday at 9 PM. Of course, no exact premiere date has been announced. Besides, if you missed the second season, the CBC will rebroadcast it on July 14, 2010.

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