Friday, April 16, 2010

TVA Greenlights New Reality Show 'Rencontres Paranormales'

TVA, a Quebecker TV network, Productions Kenya and Viking Film 1685 (two production studios) will work together on the production of an upcoming reality show called Rencontres Paranormales. The show will be hosted and produced by Chantal Lacroix (Lance et compte: Le grand duel).

According to the concept of the show, a Quebecker celebrity will be invited on the show and sent in a historical site. Once there, they'll witness paranormal activities. This given celebrity (or many) will be accompanied by a medium and a team of experts on paranormal phenomenons. Moreover, the show will also benefit from testimonies of people who have seen paranormal stuff in their own house.

So far, no air date has been announced for this show, but TVA indicated that Rencontres Paranormales will be aired during the 2010-2011 season. Moreover, Chantal Lacroix will still be the host of La collection, a reality show that tries to crown Quebec's best unknown designers, this fall.

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