Monday, April 19, 2010

TV Series 'She's the Mayor' Has Begun Production

Today, The Cultural Post just learned that VisionTV, a Canadian cable network, announced on April 7 the beginning of the production for its new original comedy series She's the Mayor.

The show's leading actors will be Janet-Laine Green (The Stone Angel), humorist Colin Mochrie (The Ron James Show) and Tonya Lee Williams (The Young and the Restless).

In She's the Mayor, Green plays Iris Peters, a former elementary school teacher in her sixties. Iris becomes the mayor of a mid-sized city that has seen better days. Moreover, Iris tries to put some order in City Hall while she tries to fight her feelings for a roguish deputy mayor, Bill Clarke (Scott Wentworth).

Colin Mochrie plays tightly wound, germophobic city manager Scott Hawkins, and Tonya Lee Williams plays Iris's glamorous, self-involved communications director, Maxine Williams. The cast also includes Joseph Motiki, Denis Akiyama, Paul Constable and Derek McGrath. Moreover, the show was created by Jennifer Holness, Min Sook Lee and Sudz Sutherland.

Finally, the show's thirteen half-hour episodes will premiere at some point in 2011 on Vision TV. Besides, VisionTV hopes that viewers will be excited by this, because She's the Mayor "was chosen from among the 280 submissions that VisionTV received in response to our call last year for comedy-drama series proposals", said Joan Jenkinson, VisionTV's director of independent production.

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