Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Télé-Québec Picks Up Reality Show 'Huis clos'

Télé-Québec, a public TV network from Quebec, announced that it picked up the new reality show Huis clos. This TV show, which will allow its participants to debate on the hottest topics, will be aired this fall.

Each week, the show will introduce us to a different group of seven people with different backgrounds. During the show, they will debate on the hottest topics of the moment on a set that looks like a bunker. Should we use euthanasia on people with an incurable disease? Should Quebec's electricity fees be increased? Must the criteria of success in the French exams for future teachers be upped? These are some topics that we'll be introduced to.

Of course, each of the seven participants don't know what will be discussed before coming to the show. Moreover, in order to make their mind, they'll be exposed to opinions of experts on the topic of discussion, news footages, complementary informations and people who are affected by what is being discussed (ex: euthanasia).

In the end, the participants will have to make an unanimous decision.

Moreover, since the taping of the show can take hours, each episode of Huis clos will be condensed in one hour. With that said, Télé-Québec promises that we'll see the strongest moments of the debate before the seven participants make their call.

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