Friday, April 23, 2010

Teaser of 'Peepers'

Yesterday, The Cultural Post learnt through Twitter that the teaser for the upcoming feature film Peepers is already online.

While the film's director is Seth W. Owen, the story was created by the imagination of Automatic Vaudeville, a Canadian comic trio made of Owen, Mark Slutsky and Daniel Perlmutter.

The story follows a group of voyeurs - or "peepers" (Joe Cobden, Paul Spence and Howard Bilerman) - who like to sneak across rooftops with binoculars at night. Moreover, they have an eye on women. However, an university student (Janine Theriault) plans to give to the "peepers" a taste of their own game. With a plot like that, needless to say that the film's story has been compared to Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window.

Besides, the film also stars Jessica Paré, Ricky Mabe and Amy Sobol.

Finally, a theatrical release date has yet to be announced for this comedy that was shot in Montreal.

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