Thursday, April 29, 2010

Séries+ Picks Up Miniseries 'Malenfant'

Séries+, a Quebecker cable network, announced that it picked up Malenfant, its first historical miniseries ever. Now that the show's casting is complete, it will be in production from May 3 to June 14.

While Luc Picard (Babine) will portray the late businessman Raymond Malenfant (1930-), Julie McClemens (Le banquet) will play his wife Colette and François Chénier (Fortier) will play their son.

The story, which was penned by Claude Paquette (Willie), is centred on Raymond Malenfant. Because of his belief in his skills, Malenfant will get from nothing to everything and will build a vast motel empire in Quebec. Besides, during his life, Malenfant will also be an important investor. However, his business will be bankrupt and the provincial government of Quebec will press charges of fraud against him in the 1990s. Besides, as if it wasn't enough, his son, Alain, is apparently hanging out with criminals.

Finally, the show will premiere in spring 2011.

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