Tuesday, April 6, 2010

'Defendor' on DVD on April 13

Given that Defendor has Woody Harrelson (a Hollywood star, I might add) as the lead, I was extremely infuriated that this film didn't get a theatrical release in Montreal. On another note, let's have in mind that Defendor will come on DVD and Blu-Ray in Canada and the USA on April 13.

The film tells the story of Arthur Poppington (Woody Harrelson), your typical average guy. However, Arthur is also a delusional man who believes he's a superhero named Defendor. This is why he sees a psychiatrist (Sandra Oh). At night, he fights crime in the streets of Hammer Town (Hamilton, Ontario?) and searches for Captain Industry, a drug and weapon dealer who he mistakingly blames for the death of his mother. Besides, Defendor also takes the time to protect Kat (Kat Dennings), a young prostitute.

The film also star Elias Koteas (The Thin Red Line), Lisa Ray (Water), Michael Kelly (Changeling), Charlotte Sullivan (Across the River to Motor City) and Kristin Booth (Young People Fucking).

Finally, the film is available for pre-order on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.

Canada: Pre-order the DVD or the Blu-Ray.

USA: Pre-order the DVD or watch the video on demand thanks to Amazon. By the way, Sony Pictures, the U.S. distributor, doesn't offer Defendor on Blu-Ray.

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