Thursday, March 4, 2010

Web Series 'JacLife' Premieres on March 8

Slice, a Canadian women-orientend cable network, will launch a web series called JacLife on Monday, March 8, 2010. The show was created exclusively for Slice's web site and is centred on the life of Jaclyn, a 24-year-old woman from Toronto who loves fashion, partying and spending time with her best friends (her closest friends happen to be her colleagues).

From left to right: Lauren, Gillian, Jaclyn and Kaity.

We also learn that Jaclyn is also the owner of Jacflash (a fashion boutique on Queen St. West) and one of the creators of the fashion line Jac and Gill. We also meet people revolving around Jaclyn. First, there's her cousin and also business associate, Gill. In addition to the two owners of Jacflash, we also come across Kaity, the store manager hired by Jaclyn and Gill, and also Lauren, Jaclyn's friend who works part-time at Jacflash (as a what?).

With that said, in each of the six five-minute webisode, the camera follows the four chicks either at the boutique, at Jaclyn's custom-designed luxury loft or during the night at a hotspot of Toronto. Other than that, Jaclyn says that there are four guys in her life, but there's "nothing serious".

Besides, it appears that Slice will make sure that you can follow the web series without getting lost. In fact, the web series's microsite include an interactive dress-up game where users can dress Jaclyn in pieces from her fashion line Jac and Gill; a dictionary of the JacLife jargon; and a blog updated with photos, beauty tips and gossip.

From the screener that I've seen, I can't tell you if there are a lot of emotional twists. However, Jaclyn says that "while we (her friends and her) have our dramas, there's no one I'd rather have in the Jacflash family". If you're interested in this web series have in mind that Slice is trying to seduce people who loves the shows The O.C., The Hills and The City with this web series.

Web site of the web series:

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