Monday, March 8, 2010

'Monster' Premieres on SuperChannel on March 15

SuperChannel, a Canadian premium cable network, announced that the award-winning manga series from Naoki Urasawa, Monster, will premiere on March 15 at 10 PM.

Offered in vivid HD, the series follows Dr. Kenzo Tenma. Acknowledged as a brilliant Japanese brain surgeon on the staff of Dusseldorf’s Eisler Memorial Hospital, and engaged to the hospital director’s daughter, two surgeries performed on one fateful day forever change his life.

First, a young child (a twin) near death from a severe head injury is rushed to the hospital. Soon after, the city mayor arrives, also gravely ill. When the hospital director orders him to ignore the child and treat the mayor, Tenma refuses, insisting on treating the patient who arrived first. The child survives; the mayor does not, and because he has ignored orders, Tenma finds himself snubbed by the hospital executives, including the hospital director. When these same top-ranking executives are all found dead under mysterious circumstances, Detective Lunge of the BKA, Germany’s Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police Office) suspects that Tenma is behind the crimes, but has no evidence to support his theory.

What would you do if the young life you saved turned out to be a monster?

Here's the link to the trailer.

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