Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finalists at the 2010 WGC Screenwriting Award

The Writers Guild of Canada (WGC) just announced the finalists for the WGC Screenwriting Awards. Those finalists come from the industry of television, filmmaking and web series. Besides, comedian Debra DiGiovanni will host the 14th Annual WGC Screenwriting Awards on April 19, 2010.

So, the finalists are...

* Grossology - "New Recruits." Written by Richard Clark.
* Total Drama Action - "Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen." Written by Alex Ganetakos.
* League of Super Evil - “Glory Hog." Written by Philippe Ivanusic-Vallee and Davila LeBlanc
* Total Drama Action - "The Sand Witch Project." Written by Shelley Scarrow.

Children & Preschool
* Max and Ruby - "Max Says Goodbye." Written by Kate Barris.
* Max and Ruby - "Ruby's Good Neighbor Report." Written by Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe.
* Zigby - "Zigby's Collection." Written by Louise Moon

* Malls R Us (Feature Version). Written by Helene Klodawsky.
* The Royal Winnipeg Ballet - 40 Years of One Night Stands. Narration Written by Robert Lower.
* A Time There Was: Stories from the Last Days of Kenya Colony. Narration Written by Donald McWilliams.

Episodic half-hour:
* Less Than Kind - "The Daters." Written by Garry Campbell.
* Less Than Kind - "Fun." Written by Jenn Engels.
* Less Than Kind "Happy Birthday Sheldon." Written by Marvin Kaye & Chris Sheasgreen.
* Less Than Kind - "Careers Day." Written by Mark McKinney
* Corner Gas - "Shirt Disturber." Written by Kevin White & Norm Hiscock.

MOW & Mini-Series:
* The Summit. Written by John Krizanc.
* Paradise City: Degrassi Goes Hollywood. Story and teleplay by Vera Santamaria, Matt Huether and Sara Snow.
* Guns. Written by Sudz Sutherland & Jennifer Holness

Feature Film
* High Life. Written by Lee MacDougall.
* A Shine of Rainbows. Written by Vic Sarin, Catherine Spear and Dennis Foon.
* The Trotsky. Written by Jacob Tierney.
* Love and Savagery. Written by Des Walsh.
* Crackie. Written by Sherry White.

Episodic one hour:
* Stargate Universe - "Time." Written by Robert C. Cooper.
* Flashpoint - "One Wrong Move." Written by Mark Ellis, Stephanie Morgenstern and James Hurst.
* ZOS: Zone of Separation "Bred in the Bone." Written by John Krizanc.
* Cra$h & Burn - "Trust." Written by Jackie May.
* Murdoch Mysteries - "Mild Mild West." Written by Derek Schreyer.
* ZOS: Zone of Separation - "Shallow Graves." Written by Jason Sherman.

Radio Drama:
* Afghanada - "Episode 65." Written by Alex Levine.
* Afghanada - "Episode 61." Written by Barbara Samuels.

Short Subject:
* Being Erica (season 1) - "Webisodes." Written by Jessie Gabe.
* My Pal Satan - "Cheaters Never Perspire." Written by Dennis Heaton.
* How People Got Fire. Written by Daniel Janke.

* This Hour Has 22 Minutes (season 27) - “Episode 6.” Head Writer: Ed Macdonald / Written by Mark Critch, Gavin Crawford, Kyle Tingley, Albert Howell, Dean Jenkinson, Joanne O'Sullivan, Tara Doyle, Erik Van Wyck, Mike Allison and Joey Case.
* This Hour Has 22 Minutes (season 27) - “Episode 8.” Head Writer: Ed Macdonald / Written by Mark Critch, Kyle Tingley, Albert Howell, Shaun Majumder, Dean Jenkinson, Geri Hall, Joanne O'Sullivan, Tara Doyle, Erik Van Wyck, Mike Allison and Stephen Patterson.
* The Ron James Show - “Episode 7.” Written by Ron James, Garry Campbell, Brian Hartt, Mark De Angelis, Chris Finn, David MacKenzie, Paul Pogue, Gary Pearson and Jennifer Whalen.
* Rick Mercer Report (season 6) - “Episode 17.” Written by Rick Mercer, Irwin Barker, Greg Eckler, Chris Finn, Paul Mather and Tim Steeves.

* How to Be Indie - "How to Be a Mehta." Written by Anita Kapila.
* The Latest Buzz - "The Wonderful World of Buzz Issue." Written by Brent Piaskoski.
* Family Biz - "Breakaway." Written by Sheila Prescott.
* The Latest Buzz - "The Comeback Issue." Written by Darrin Rose.
How to Be Indie - "How to Strike a Balance." Written by Vera Santamaria.

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