Monday, March 15, 2010

'At Home by Myself... with You' Comes to The Movie Network

You heard that At Home by Myself... with You unfortunately had a theatrical limited to Toronto thanks to most of Canada's bunch of culturally colonialized owners of movie theatres. If you didn't have the chance to see this indie film from Kris Booth in Toronto, you can catch it on The Movie Network (or its affiliated channels) provided that you have it in your cable package.


Romy Scott (Kristin Booth) is afraid of lobsters, closed boxes, kissing, and storms. But her biggest fear is of going outside because every time she does, something bad happens. Choosing not to go outside ever again, Romy constructs a new life inside her apartment and figures out how to negotiate her debilitating fears by using the help of her close acquaintances. But when her most important helper – an old lady (Rosemary Dunsmore) who lives across the hall – kicks the bucket, Romy is suddenly left on the doorstep of facing her fears. Things go from bad to worse when the old lady’s nomadic nephew (Aaron Abrams) arrives to squat in the empty apartment. Their initial mutual aggravation quickly leads to friendship and incredulously, Romy begins to conquer her fears one by one with his help. As they fall for each other, Romy finds herself at a crossroads; the man she loves is by nature, a man on the go.

When to watch it and where?

March 177:40 AMMFest
4:16 AMThe Movie Network HD
10:30 PMMFest
March 216:00 AM
12:40 PM
March 224:25 AMThe Movie Network HD
March 256:00 AM
7:25 PM
March 262:55 AM
March 2910:35 AMMFest
March 304:25 AM
April 29:00 PM
April 34:20 AMThe Movie Network HD
April 69:30 AMMFun HD
6:25 PM
April 74:25 AM
April 107:35 AM
7:25 PMMFest
April 114:25 AM
April 146:00 AM
1:40 PMMFun
April 1512:40 AM
April 189:00 AM
2:45 PMMFest
10:45 PM
April 229:30 AMMFun HD
7:25 PMMFest
April 233:00 AM
April 2610:10 AMMFun HD
9:45 PM
April 274:25 AMMFest
April 3010:10 AMThe Movie Network HD
6:25 PMMFun HD
May 12:05 AMMFest

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