Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Love

Honestly, I had a really hard time with the online screener of this short, for it's a really huge file. Other than that, watching this fifteen-minute short was such a great pleasure because One Love is a fascinating exploration of what it means to be waiting for a child.

The story briefly follows different people who are either facing the fortune or the misfortune of starting a family.

Lucy (Vanessa Matsui) is a woman who severed her ties with her family. Because her waters have broken, Joe (Jon-Paul Khouri), a bar customer that asked Lucy if she was okay, takes her to the hospital. However, she doesn't the help of "a terrorist". Secondly, Olivia (Polly Shannon) is about to give birth to a child. Besides, Jeff (Josh Kimmel), her husband, is by her sides. Obviously, they're both really happy and are waiting for the baby to finally come out of Olivia's womb. Thirdly, Eric (Russell Yuen) is waiting at the hospital, because his nose is badly bleeding. However, after his operation, he finds his wife (Linlyn Lue) sitting on the floor of a bathroom with blood on her thighs. Fourthly, Malcolm (Benz Antoine) and Alicia (Natacha Noël) have always tried to give birth to a child. Now, they turn to adoption.

As I said it, if you like well-acted dramas, you should consider watching this sweet fifteen-minute short. In such a short period, scriptwriters Denise DePass and Victoria Minkoff are definitely not afraid to explore all the possible feelings that anybody might go through when they're about to start a family. Obviously, the sub-plots in One Love might not seem original for many people. However, director Daniel-James Matrundola manages to turn these sub-plots into true assets in that they all feel real. In addition to that, Matrundola really did a good job by pulling out a solid performance from the cast.

Finally, don't forget that since this is a short, you might also think that One Love looks like a long recap of a film. However, like most shorts, it leaves you with enough informations on the characters in order to keep your curiosity alive. Moreover, if the short's subplots are developed into an anthology movie à la Toronto Stories or even Paris, je t'aime, I'd be interested to see it.

Other informations: One Love's official web site.

Origin:Canada (2009)
Length:15 minutes
Screenplay:Denise DePass and Victoria Minkoff
Daniel-James Matrundola
Starring:Polly Shannon, Russell Yuen, Larry Day, Josh Kimmel, Vanessa Matsui, Benz Antoine, Linlyn Lue, Jon-Paul Khouri, Natacha Noël and Emma Stevens

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