Monday, February 1, 2010

MusiquePlus Organizes a Lip Dub Competition

If you live in Quebec and are a CEGEP or university student, here's a contest that might interest you. MusiquePlus, the Quebecker equivalent of MuchMusic, invites you to create your own lip dub clip. The winning team will have the privilege to party with their friends and the VJs in MusiquePlus's studio.

Of course, here are some rules that must be observed:

  • The maximum length for a clip is two minutes.
  • The clip's appearance on MusiquePlus must be at its first appearance.
  • The deadline for the registration and the submission of a clip is on February 7, 2010. Here's where you have to go if you're interested.

Finally, the clips will be shown by the hosts of the show L'univers. Each week, two schools will face off each other through these clips and you'll get to vote online for your favourite lip dub.

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