Friday, February 19, 2010

'Aveux' On DVD On April 20

Did you miss Aveux, which was penned by Serge Boucher? Well, the most acclaimed French Quebecker TV series from this fall is coming on DVD on April 20, 2010! Until then, you can watch the show on, Quebec's equivalent of Hulu until February 26, 2010.

Aveux is the story of Carl Laplante (Maxime Denommée), a 33 years old man. He ran away from his adoptive family and his friends from La Tuque at 18 years old after a shocking event. Fifteen years later, he lives in Montreal, is married with Brigitte (Catherine Proulx-Lemay), has a new first name (Simon) and hasn't talked to his relatives from La Tuque ever since. Besides, Simon/Carl tries to live in peace because he created a new past for himself.

From left to right: Marie-Ginette Guay and Evelyne Brochu.

However, as he was delivering an appliance with his colleague, he finds out that the owner of the house is his former neighbour, Micheline Dubreuil (Marie-Ginette Guay), and also comes across Olivier Dubreuil (Benoît McGinnis), his childhood friend who now lives in Montreal. Besides, as soon as they can, Micheline and Olivier will warn Simon's adoptive parents (Guy Nadon and Danielle Proulx) and sister, Joliane (Evelyne Brochu), about Simon's existence. Why did Simon leave his adoptive family fifteen years ago? Is it because of the death of Jean-Pierre, Micheline's husband?

Front row from left to right: Evelyne Brochu, Steve Laplante, Danielle Proulx and Guy Nadon. Back row: Maxime Denommée.

Finally, the DVD is already available for pre-order on and on Radio-Canada's shop. Moreover, you can also download the original music of the show on ITunes.

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