Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trailer of 'L'enfant prodige'

Alliance Vivafilm has released online the trailer of L'enfant prodige (aka André Mathieu - Le dernier des romantiques), a biographical drama about the Canadian pianist André Mathieu. The latter will be played by Patrick Drolet (Le grand départ).

The film is shot with a budget of CDN$6 million and is directed by Luc Dionne (Monica la mitraille).

It follows the life of the Montreal-born André Mathieu (1929-1968) who was referred to as "the little Canadian Mozart". Given that he composed his first musical work at three years old and had an obvious talent in piano, his father, Rodolphe Mathieu (Marc Labrèche), will be his first teacher. Furthermore, as he gets older, André Mathieu will travel to Europe to study the art of playing piano with the greatest masters such as Jacques de la Presle (Patrice Coquereau) or Arthur Honnegger (Marc Béland) just to name a few. However, Mathieu died at 39 years old and finished his life in solitude and alcohol.

The film also stars:

* Macha Grenon, as Mimi Mathieu (André's mother).
* Itzhak Finzi, as Russian pianist Sergei Rachmaninov.
* Benoît Brière, as Canadian maestro Wilfrid Pelletier.
* Karine Vanasse, as Camillette Mathieu (André's sister).
* Mitsou, as Vivianne Jobin (André's mistress).
* Albert Millaire, as Marcel de Valmalète (a director of a concert agency).

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