Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Top 10 Films of 2009

First of all, I apologize for not having the time to see films like An Education, Thirst, Bright Star, The Road (hey, I'm reading the novel) or Moon just to name a few films that were lauded by critics. Nonetheless, here are my choices for 2009.

#10: Inglourious Basterds

I certainly didn't put it there because of the quality of its script. In fact, I found it as simple as - minus the violence - a comic book for children (the fight of the good against the evil). However, let's render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's: Christopher Waltz, Mélanie Laurent and Brad Pitt rock!

#9: In the Loop

What happens when you give a comedy to an aficionado of politics like me? You get an aficionado of politics who wish he did In the Loop, despite its few flaws, in order to laugh at politicians regardless of their nationalities. After all, are you tired of politically correct politicians (I'm looking at you Michael Ignatieff, Jean Charest, Pauline Marois, etc.)? Now, when will I get a film that pokes fun of political journalists?

#8: Le bal des actrices

Well, let's recognize Le bal des actrices for its potential. In fact, although the film superficially explores the problems that strike actresses in the movie industry, it straightforwardly addresses these problems such as plastic surgeries or even the pressure to wear the most beautiful dress at a big-shot event, for instance.

#7: Crackie

I'm not particularly fond of realistic films that bring you in the daily life of a character. However, Crackie was to my liking for I've rarely seen a film that depicts so well a small-town person (wonderfully played by Meghan Greeley) who has to simultaneously juggles with her ambition and her personal problems.

#6: Cairo Time

This is not just a "postcard film" that makes you see how exotic Egypt might be. If you're looking for a nice film about forbidden love, just consider watching this one. Moreover, even though I've read someone writing that the film is "sorely lacking in tension", I wasn't turned off by the film. In fact, with its quality the film makes you wonder if Patricia Clarkson's character will let herself love Alexander Siddig's character.

#5: (500) Days of Summer

Honestly, I haven't seen the trailer or read the reviews of this film in the media while it was in theatres. However, it was a review from Norma that actually convinced me to see it. Besides, what a good film it was! Although the character of Zooey Deschanel might seem incomplete, it's certainly a realistic depiction of nowadays' women who know what they are looking for in life.

#4: J'ai tué ma mère

As my fellow Quebecker Charles-Henri pointed it out, I was a little bit harsh in my review. However, forget the few flaws from this film. Just think about the solid performance from Xavier Dolan and Anne Dorval which can, at times, make you laugh and move you. All in all, just think about the scene in which Dolan and Dorval both talk simultaneously while in a car!

#3: Pontypool

Forget the visual and special effects! Most of the film is about people who are scared of something that they hear about (a virus that contaminates people through the use of English language) in the "discomfort" of a radio booth; not something that they actually see.

#2: Polytechnique

Certainly not an easy film to watch whether you're a Canadian or not. However, Denis Villeneuve's direction is an unforgettable tribute to all those fourteen women from the École Polytechnique who were murdered without reason for being women.

#1: The Hurt Locker

A film that keeps our attention for two reasons: it feels pretty real and the performance of its leading trio (Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty) literally blows you away. All in all, I feel that this film raises the bar for war films.

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