Thursday, January 21, 2010

Teasers of Two Upcoming TV Series From HBO

With a little help from Jozef Siroka over at Plan d'ensemble, I've come across the teasers of two upcoming TV series from HBO, an American premium cable network. Besides, expect to see a few names that are normally associated to cinema be part of these upcoming projects.

The first one, which is called Boardwalk Empire, is adapted from a book by Nelson Johnson. The TV series is produced by [pause of 5 seconds] Martin Scorsese (he directed the first episode) and written by Terence Winter (The Sopranos). The story is set in Atlantic City in 1920, which means during the dawn of the Prohibition. At that time alcohol couldn't be distributed or sold. Therefore, the TV series chronicles the life of Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi), a man who was both a politician and a gangster. Moreover, the show also stars Kelly MacDonald, Michael Pitt, Stephen Graham and Michael Shannon.

The second TV series was created by David Simon (The Wire) is called Treme. This is the name of a famous neighbourhood of New Orleans which is known for its musical culture. The stars of the show will be Wendell Pierce and Clarke Peters who respectively play a famous musician and a leader of "Mardi Gras Indians" tribe. Moreover, the TV series take place during the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina.

Finally, speaking about premieres, Boardwalk Empire will come to you in fall 2010. As for Treme it will come in April.

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