Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Season 2 of 'La galère' On DVD On Feb. 9

Yesterday, Alliance Vivafilm, a DVD distributor, announced the date of the release of La galère's second season on DVD. This show, which was created by Renée-Claude Brazeau, is a comedy and it aired on Radio-Canada. Moreover, Radio-Canada didn't announce if it will renew the show for a third season.

The story:

In the first season, Stéphanie (Hélène Florent), Mimi (Brigitte Lafleur), Claude (Anne Casabonne) and Isabelle (Geneviève Rochette) move together in a big house with their seven children in order to evacuate their frustration. In the second season, the four women must deal with the absence of a nanny for their children. Of course, Isabelle can take things into her hands, but her career as a lawyer makes it hard for her (and by extension all single mothers who are lawyers).

Stéphanie is wondering if the Prime Minister of Quebec (Denis Bernard) will be the one for her. At the same time, she has to deal with her ex-husband, Michel (Daniel Parent), who tries to give himself a new image toward Hugo (Pierre-Luc Lafontaine), her son. Claude doesn't miss a chance to show her contempt for Chanel, her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. Moreover, she'll also try to conquer the heart of Antoine. Mimi is still single and really wants to find love. She wants to have a child, but she doesn't know with who? This is why she'll be looking for someone with who she can have a child even if it that person will only serve that purpose for her.

Additional informations:

The show also star Catherine Proulx-Lemay, Patrice Godin, François Chénier and Jeff Boudreault.

This DVD box has three discs and includes all the 10 episodes of the second season. Speaking about the special features, we should expect to see a photo gallery and three songs from the TV series: the opening theme, "Your Beautiful Eyes" and "Don't Misunderstand Me". Moreover, the show is already available for pre-order on Radio-Canada's online shop.

Title on Amazon (Canada):

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