Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Thoughts On 'Mirador'

Is public relation your way to earn your bread? Have you ever wondered what are all the things we hear about people working in PR? If you live in Canada and can speak French, there's a funny TV series waiting for you on Radio-Canada.

Philippe Racine (Patrick Labbé) has been abroad, because he was disgusted by all the lies he spreaded as a PR. He comes back in Montreal in order to work for Mirador, a PR firm that was founded by his father, Richard (Gilles Renaud). Moreover, to Philippe's surprise, the firm's crisis management unit has been helmed by his brother, Luc (David La Haye). With Philippe's return, Luc feels - and with reason - that the father's pet is back in the house. After all, the patriarch gives Luc's job to Philippe out of trust. However, can Philippe find a way to combine honesty and his dedication to his work as he deals with clients who want to clear their name?

Given that virtually all Quebecker TV series are inferior (that's just the truth) to most of their English Canadian and American counterparts, Mirador was one of my most anticipated TV series. After we've seen the first two episodes, we see that the dialogues are somewhat well-written. This means that we can't really complain about the well-chosen cast's performance.

However, Mirador looks more like a platform used by its creators to promote urban legends on the industry of PR. With that said, has a PR professional ever contributed to spread lies in any country's history? Yes. Does the PR industry obey to the jungle's law? Definetly not. As a matter of fact, Mirador has a serious lack of depth. This means that the show presents a world in which the code of ethics of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) doesn't even exist! In short, the bottom line is this: as much as we want an entertaining TV series, can we have one that has a minimum of realism?

Besides, making a TV series about the world of PR without referring to the CPRS' code of ethics is like making a TV series on military indiscipline without talking about martial courts.

My verdict: An entertaining show at most.

Finally, Mirador airs tonight at 9 PM on Radio-Canada. In the upcoming episode, Philippe must help a hockey coach from a junior league who is in hot water. Indeed, some players have discovered this coach's homosexuality and want to tarnish his reputation.

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