Sunday, January 3, 2010

'Durham County' Season 1 on DVD in the USA on Jan. 19

Americans, you no longer need to cross the border (literally or on the Internet through to express your appreciation toward Canadian culture! In fact, the season 1 of Durham County will arrive on DVD on January 19, 2010 and is distributed in the USA by Well Go USA. Besides, it's already available for pre-order on (purchasing) and Netflix (renting).

The story

Mike Sweeney (Hugh Dillon) is a homicide detective from Toronto. With his wife, Audrey (Hélène Joy), along with Sadie (Laurence Leboeuf) and Maddie (Cicely Austin), his two daughters, Mike decides to move to Durham County, a suburb of Toronto, after the death of his partner. However, Mike is surprised to find that his neighbour is Ray Prager (Justin Louis), his former high school friend.

Eventually, Durham County's police department becomes busy when Nathalie Lacroix (Kathleen Munroe), Sadie's English teacher and Mike's mistress, is found dead in a lake. Obviously, while he's on the investigation, Mike tries to bury his relation with Nathalie in his garden of secrets just to make sure that he won't be considered as a suspect. Besides, he viscerally believes that the suspect is Ray Prager.

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