Wednesday, January 20, 2010

27 Films Get Support from Astral Media

Astral Media The Harold Greenberg Fund has revealed the list of upcoming films that will get financial support through its Script Development Program and Equity Investment Program.

The list reveals all the 27 films (chosen out of 139 applications), which are either in production or pre-production period, that will get some financial backing.

Story Optioning

The Flying Troutmans
Four Seasons Productions Inc.
Screenwriters: Semi Chellas and Miriam Toews

King Leary
Verite Films Inc.
Screenwriter: Paul Quarrington

The Outlander
Strada Films Inc. and Triptych Media Inc.
Screenwriter: TBD

First Draft

Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet
Hand Picked Films Inc.
Screenwriter: Richard Bell

The Diary of Laura’s Twin
pUNK Films Inc.
Screenwriter: Laura Phillips

Don’t Talk To Irene
Alyson Richards Productions Inc.
Screenwriter: Pat Mills

King Leary
Verite Films Inc.
Screenwriter: Paul Quarrington

The Lizard Cage
Sienna Films Inc.
Screenwriter: David Vainola

Queen Kristina
Triptych Media Inc.
Screenwriter: Michel Marc Bouchard

Second Draft

Dot’s Will
Playmaker Films Inc.
Screenwriter: Scott Simpson

The Flying Troutmans
Four Seasons Productions Inc.
Screenwriter: Semi Chellas and Miriam Toews

Bad Astronaut Inc.
Screenwriter: Andrea Dorfman and Jennifer Deyell

Honey, Baby, Sweetheart
Nine Mile Productions
Screenwriter: Katie Ford

Kush Kush in the Bush: Bollywood Comes to the Trailer Park
Buffalo Gal Pictures Development Inc., Femmina Films Inc. and Diamonds to Bullets Enterprises Inc.
Screenwriter: Rebecca Sernasie

Rhéal and Rhéaume
Sarrazin Productions Inc.
Screenwriter: Suzette Couture

Sam I Am
Ichi Ni San Films Inc.
Screenwriter: Chris Smets

Productions Caramel Film Inc.
Screenwriter: Domenic Salvaggio

Final Draft

Emotion Pictures Inc. and Opolo Pictures Inc.
Screenwriter: Jason Buxton

Dead Tired
Productions The Gates Inc.
Screenwriter: Geoffrey Uloth and Jean-Francois Da Sylva-La Rue

The Great Seduction
Max Films
Screenwriter: Michael Dowse

NuShu – The Secret Sisterhood
Filmarto Inc.
Screenwriter: Allen Hatcher

Javelin Pictures Inc.
Screenwriter: Karl Richter

Mad Samurai Productions Inc.
Screenwriter: John L'Ecuyer

Polish & Packaging

Kosher Sexy
julijette inc. and Jonas Chernick
Screenwriter: Jonas Chernick

January Films Ltd.
Screenwriters: Andrea Blundell and Claudia Casagrande

Take This Waltz
Joe's Daughter Inc.
Screenwriter: Sarah Polley

Equity Invesment Program

Hockey The Musical
Mulmur Feed Company
Screenwriter/Director: Michael McGowan

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