Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'Trauma' Premieres Jan. 5 on Radio-Canada

Quebec knows Fabienne Larouche for penning Virginie, a daily (and uninteresting) soap opera taking place in high school. Now, since many months, it has been announced that Radio-Canada will come up with a medical drama written by Larouche. For what I know, we shouldn't expect to see an imitation of Grey's Anatomy or ER.

Shot with a budget of $710,000 per hour (which is a lot for the French Canadian market) for 10 episodes, the series follows Dr Julie Lemieux (Isabelle Richer), is the head of the St-Arsène Hospital's traumatology wing. Each week, this dramatic TV series explores different facets of life as a surgeon when it comes to professional ethics, their reaction when a patient dies or their own personal weaknesses. In fact, Dr Pierre Meilleur (James Hyndman) drinks too much. Sophie Léveillé (Laurence Leboeuf), the young intern, does too much mistakes.

The show also stars Jean-François Pichette, Catherine de Léan, Yan England, Christian Bégin and Gilbert Sicotte.

Finally, the show will be aired Tuesday at 9 PM on Radio-Canada.

Source: La Presse.

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