Sunday, December 6, 2009

'Mirador' Premieres Jan. 6 on Radio-Canada

Now that CBC had unveiled its winter 2010 schedule grid, Radio-Canada, the French-language sister channel of CBC, is now doing the same thing through TV spots. The story of this very anticipated TV series is about a public relation firm offering help for people who are stuck in a scandal.

When scandals break, things get out of control and media storms start raging, it’s time to bring in the firm’s top-notch crisis management team, led by Philippe Racine. With every episode centring on a scandal, Philippe and his team are assigned the difficult task of bolstering the client’s tarnished image and using every trick in the public relations book to help him triumph in the court of public opinion, come hell or high water. At the same time, Philippe is at a turning point in his own life, desperately seeking to find meaning in his work.

The show stars Patrick Labbé (Durham County), David La Haye (Nuremberg), Gilles Renaud (René Lévesque), Pascale Buissières (Le coeur a ses raisons), Catherine Trudeau (Les invincibles), Sébastien Delorme (Le 7e round), Marie-Ève Milot and Steve Laplante (Aveux).

Finally, Mirador airs on Wednesday at 9 PM on Radio-Canada.

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