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To all the fans of Jackie Chan, don't expect to see much action scenes. To all those who are looking for a seriously good film from him, well, you should consider skipping this one. In fact, although his skills in martial arts are impressive, the same thing can't be said about his competence as a scriptwriter and an actor.

Bu (Shu Qi) lives in a fishing village of Taiwan. One day, she finds a bottle in the sea. This bottle contains a message written by Albert (Tony Leung), a man who is asking his potential soul mate to come in Hong Kong in order to meet him. However, when she arrives in his apartment, Albert tells Bu that he was looking for a man. Eventually, Bu randomly runs into C.N. (Jackie Chan), a business man who likes to jump from one woman to another. Obviously, both C.N. and Bu bonds. Besides, Bu believes that C.N. is the one. However, does C.N. wants to be engaged to Bu?

Given the length of the film, Gorgeous doesn't contain a lot of fight scenes. However, the few that we're left with rock. Moreover, if you can turn a blind eye on the awfulness of the storyline, you're going to like the last two fight scenes, which involve Jackie Chan and Bradley James Allan. Without giving away too many details, expect to see a fight that look like kickboxing.

As for the storyline, it definitely couldn't be saved by Shu Qi's enthusiasm into this film. Besides being predictable to death like any worthless blockbuster films, the story offers bland leading characters. After all, how many times have you seen a woman who is desperately looking for the one? Besides, although I didn't see the temporary break up between C.N. and Bu (because C.N. did something that Bu couldn't take) in the film's third quarter coming, I knew that one way or another, they'll be back together.

Finally, if you forget how lame the script is, you'll be entertained by Gorgeous's fight scenes. Nonetheless, one can't forget that this film is a serious insult to intelligence. In fact, as a romantic blockbuster film, the two scriptwriters show us that they're a duo of lazy workers who just take the path set by other lame romantic films.

Rating: 1/5

Origin:Hong Kong/Taiwan (1999)
Length:121 minutes
Genre:Romantic comedy
Screenplay:Jackie Chan and Ivy Ho
Director:Vincent Kok
Starring:Jackie Chan, Shu Qi, Tony Leung and Emil Chau

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