Thursday, December 24, 2009

Corus Entertainment Finances 34 Canadian Films

Corus Entertainment announced the identity of its Corus Made with Pay Fund recipients. Of course, the recepients in question are actually 34 upcoming Canadian films.

By reading the press release, we can come to the conclusion that the high-profile upcoming films among the 34 recipients are:

  • King Leary, the novel from acclaimed screenwriter and author Paul Quarrington and Verite Films Inc., which follows the final adventure of old-timer Percival Leary, a one-time hockey legend, as he heads to Toronto to become the face of a marketing campaign. Quarrington’s previous works include Galveston, which was nominated for the Scotiabank Giller Prize, Whale Music, winner of the Governor General’s Award for Fiction in 1989 and King Leary, winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal.
  • Author and screenwriter Miriam Toews’ The Flying Troutmans brings her hilarious and heartwarming novel about a family’s road trip across Canada to life in collaboration with screenwriter Semi Chellas and producers Ilana Frank and Daniel Iron of Four Seasons Productions.
  • Screenwriter for Nine Mile Productions Honey, Baby, Sweetheart, Katie Ford’s other writing credits include Miss Congeniality, Miss Congeniality 2 and episodes of Desperate Housewives.
  • Sienna Films producers Jennifer Kawaja and Julia Sereny with screenwriter David Vainola for two projects, Everything Goes Black, and the adaptation of Karen Connelly’s novel The Lizard Cage, which is set in a prison in Burma in the 1980s. The Lizard Cage won Britain’s Orange Broadband Prize for New Writers in 2007.

Finally, here is the full list of 34 films.

Straight Edge Films and Submission Films Production Inc.
Screenwriter: Tamara Faith Berger
Toronto, ON

Call Forward
January Films Ltd.
Screenwriter: John McBrearty
Toronto, ON

Chronicles of a Midlife Crisis
Quadrant Motion Pictures
Screenwriter: Robyn Harding
Vancouver, BC

Honey, Baby, Sweetheart
Nine Mile Productions Inc.
Screenwriter: Katie Ford
Vancouver, BC

Park Ex Pictures
Screenwriters: Darren Curtis, Pat Kiely, Matt Silver
Montreal, QC

I Met the Walrus
Walrus Films Acquisitions Inc.
Screenwriter: TBD
Toronto, ON

Involuntary Muscles
Devonshire Productions Inc.
Screenwriter: Merlin Dervisevic
Toronto, ON

Jack of Diamonds
Sepia Films Ltd. and Force Four Films Ltd.
Screenwriters: Dennis Foon, Vic Sarin
Vancouver, BC

King Leary
Verite Films Inc.
Screenwriter: Paul Quarrington
Toronto, ON

Little Cannibals
Trinity Works Entertainment Inc.
Screenwriter: Robert W. Gray
Vancouver, BC

Mass Critical
Phenomenal Films Inc.
Screenwriters: Noam Gonick, David McIntosh
Toronto, ON

Digital Story House Ltd.
Screenwriter: Tim McGregor
Vancouver, BC

My Present Age
EMA Films Inc.
Screenwriters: John Hazelett, Karen Walton, Guy Vanderhaeghe
Montreal, QC

No Coins Please
Sudden Storm Entertainment Ltd.
Screenwriter: Scott Abramovitch
Toronto, ON

The Flying Troutmans
Four Seasons Productions Inc.
Screenwriters: Miriam Toews, Semi Chellas
Toronto, ON

The Lizard Cage
Sienna Films Inc.
Screenwriter: David Vainola
Toronto, ON

The Outlander
Strada Film Inc. and Triptych Media Inc.
Screenwriter: TBD
Toronto, ON

Everything Goes Black
Sienna Films Inc.
Screenwriter: David Vainola
Toronto, ON

Friday Night Essence Inc.
Screenwriters: Robert Budreau, Chris Roberts
Toronto, ON

Hold the Sky
Mortimer & Ogilvy Productions Ltd.
Screenwriter: Roslyn Muir
Vancouver, BC

One Blood
Inferno Pictures Inc.
Screenwriters: Hubert Davis, Mike Derderian
Winnipeg, MB

Pink Box
Philms Pictures Inc.
Screenwriter: Brandi-Ann Milbradt
Montreal, QC

Prisoner of Tehran
Miracle Pictures Inc.
Screenwriter: Kari Skogland
Rockwood, ON

Recruiting Lindsay Morgan
Wings One Productions Inc., Angel Entertainment
Screenwriters: Tanya Henley, Paula Tiberius
Saskatoon, SK

Rheal & Rheaume
Sarrazin Productions Inc.
Screenwriters: Suzette Couture, Pierre Sarrazin
Toronto, ON

Mad Samurai Productions Inc.
Screenwriter: Scott Parisien
Vancouver, BC

Oberon Films Inc. and First Generation Films
Screenwriter: Annmarie Morais
Toronto, ON

Bunk 11 Pictures Inc.
Screenwriter: Benny Charles
Toronto, ON

That Burning Feeling
Resonance Films Inc.
Screenwriter: Nicolas Citton
Vancouver, BC

The Catherine Booth Story
Thunderbird Films Inc.
Screenwriter: Pamela Goosen
Vancouver, BC

The Chamber
Artifact Films Inc.
Screenwriters: Mark A. Lewis, Zev Tiefenbach
Vancouver, BC

The Republic of Nothing
imX Communications Inc.
Screenwriter: Scott Simpson
Halifax, NS

The Widow’s Club
Common Man Films Ltd.
Screenwriters: Jason Bourque, Sue Bourque
Vancouver, BC

The William Sherring Story
107859 Ontario Inc.
Screenwriters: David Devine, Malcolm Clarke
Toronto, ON


Finally, if you're a filmmaker, the next deadline for new applications for funding from the Corus Made with Pay Fund will be February 3, 2010. Details can be found here.

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