Thursday, November 26, 2009

TV Review: 'Aveux'

First words: congratulations Radio-Canada, the French-language sister-channel of CBC, for striving to make TV series that are on par with English Canadian and American TV series! I've just watched Aveux's season finale (which was aired two days ago) on streaming. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this gem from playwright Serge Boucher is nominated for most of the awards at the next Prix gémeaux, Quebec's own Emmy Awards.

Aveux is the story of Carl Laplante (Maxime Denommée), a 33 years old man. He ran away from his adoptive family and his friends from La Tuque at 18 years old after a shocking event. Fifteen years later, he lives in Montreal, is married with Brigitte (Catherine Proulx-Lemay), has a new first name (Simon) and hasn't talked to his relatives from La Tuque ever since. Besides, Simon/Carl tries to live in peace because he created a new past for himself.

However, as he was delivering an appliance with his colleague, he finds out that the owner of the house is his former neighbour, Micheline Dubreuil (Marie-Ginette Guay), and also comes across Olivier Dubreuil (Benoît McGinnis), his childhood friend who now lives in Montreal. Besides, as soon as they can, Micheline and Olivier will warn Simon's adoptive parents (Guy Nadon and Danielle Proulx) and sister, Joliane (Evelyne Brochu), about Simon's existence. Why did Simon leave his adoptive family fifteen years ago? Is it because of the death of Jean-Pierre, Micheline's husband?

Before giving you my thoughts about this TV series, I should tell you that I don't want to give away too many details.

Once you have an idea of what made Simon run away from his family and friends from La Tuque, you'll want to watch the next episodes to know what Simon is hiding from us and, above all, his wife, Brigitte. While Aveux might look predictable for some (not to me), scriptwriter Serge Boucher manages to make Aveux extremely addictive by his no-nonsense approach. In fact, after the details about Simon's motives for leaving La Tuque are brought to the surface, one comes to think that Boucher gave us a script where everything makes sense (i.e. how Simon's neighbour actually died). All in all, whether you find it predictable or not, Aveux has the ability to make you shift from one hypothesis (about the meaning of the story) to another until the very end.

In the acting department, everybody is great. As Carl/Simon, a man who fears that his past will catch him up, Maxime Denommée is incredible in both his speaking and silent parts. Besides, he can count on supporting actors who play so well that you forget that they're supporting actors. For that matter, my two thumbs up are given in honour to two young rising stars of Quebec: Steve Laplante, as Luc (Joliane's boyfriend), and Evelyne Brochu, as Joliane (Carl/Simon's adoptive sister). Although you might hate Luc, you just feel that Steve Laplante brings so much subtlety to his character. As for Évelyne Brochu, oh my various gods, she's so gorgeous! Anyway, let's get back to serious stuff: her great talent is appreciable because her dramatic performance never feels overacted.

Finally, for your information, the show will not have a second season, because Boucher planned to make a miniseries. However, this will certainly not be the last adventure of Serge Boucher into the TV industry and I'll sure keep an eye on his next TV series.

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