Saturday, November 28, 2009

Movie News: Teaser of 'Le journal d'Aurélie Laflamme'

TVA Films, a distribution company, released the teaser of the upcoming teenage film Le journal d'Aurélie Laflamme. In case you don't know what the film is about (neither do I), here's some informations. It's adapted from one of the six books (the first one to be more precise) from a teenage novel written by former columnist India Desjardins.

Meet Aurélie Laflamme (Marianne Verville), a girl who believes that she was abandoned on Earth by aliens. Now that she's in high school, she doesn't connect, so to speak, with most people around her. Since her dad died, she finds her mom (Édith Cochrane) dull. In school, Aurélie thinks that Kat (Geneviève Chartrand), her best friend, has a numb mind since she's found love. This is why Aurélie is not interested to have a soul mate. However, can Aurélie escape from love?

In case you're a fan of the novels, have in mind that Aliocha Schneider, the brother of Niels Schneider (Tout est parfait), will be Nicolas and Jérémie Essiambre will be Truch. Finally, the film is shot with a budget of $4,135,000 and will hit Quebec's theatres in April 2010 according to the trailer.

The books' and film's official web site:

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