Saturday, October 3, 2009

Web Series: 'My Pal Satan'

For the first time in this blog's history, I'll talk about web series. After all, since Internet has changed a little bit the way we live our cultural life, why not share with you my discoveries in the department of web series? Let's start with something that will attract people who are deeply religious and those who like humour.


Created by Dennis Heaton, My Pal Satan follows Donna (Rachel Wilson), a young woman who tries to make ends meet in the city and she lives in an appartment. Moreover, her roommate is Satan (Jefferson Brown) himself who turns out to be extremely unsympathetic at times. Through various situations, Donna will face her animosity toward him along with the bond between Satan and her.


Although I'm not particularly familiar with the way web series work (a script's structure and all that thing), I actually liked My Pal Satan. However, I'd like to say (with the few knowledge I have on the world of web series) that if you like sitcoms, you WILL adore My Pal Satan. In fact, for a web series that work pretty much with the same premise of a 22-minute sitcom, My Pal Satan doesn't just rely on the awkwardness of situations or even the laughableness of a performance (like in The Big Bang Theory) to make you laugh. All in all, this web series is a must because it's well written and acted. For that matter, congratulation for Rachel Wilson and Jefferson Brown for making you feel the chemistry between them. By the way, what do you think about this web series?

The web series's official web site:

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