Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TV News: Season 1 of 'Flashpoint' Now On DVD!

Here's some good news that should cheer you up provided that you're a fan of cop dramas. The first season of Flashpoint - a Canadian TV series that is a hit both here in the Great White North (on CTV) and the USA (on CBS) - comes out today on DVD and Blu-Ray!


The show takes place in Toronto and follows the Strategic Response Unit (SRU), a fictitious tactical unit that is, in actuality, modelled after the real-life Emergency Task Force (ETF). Sgt. Greg Parker (Enrico Colantoni), an experienced negotiator, and his team must "keep the peace" on cases that ordinary cops can't handle. All in all, the SRU deals with hostage situations, bank robbing, bomb defusing and any other things you can name! However, Parker and the members of the SRU - Ed Lane (Hugh Dillon), Jules Callaghan (Amy Jo Johnson), Sam Braddock (David Paetkau), Lewis Young (Mark Taylor), Kevin Wordsworth (Michael Cram) and Spike Scarlatti (Sergio Di Zio) - always have to deal with the psychological aftermath of an operation no matter how it ends.

Quick review:

For anyone who doesn't know how the world of policing works, Flashpoint, at worst, might look like a TV series implying in a very idealistic way that Canada's peacekeeping values reflects on how our major cities are policed (i.e. through intense negotiations). However, Flashpoint gets its charms from its attempt to reinvent the wheel when it comes to following a tactical unit. In fact, this is not a show in which each episode contributes to make the body count grow. Obviously, expect a show that: 1) documents the psychological effect a given operation has on members of a tactical unit; 2) shows us that lethal force must be used when all options have been exhausted. All in all, needless to mention that the characters seem quite real and are well played.

What's included in the DVD?
  • All the 13 episodes.
  • Behind the scenes of Flashpoint.
  • Director's commentary on the pilot episode.
  • "The Human Cost of Heroism" Featurette.
Source: TVShowsOnDVD.com

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