Monday, October 19, 2009

Preview: 'Love & Savagery'

Poster of ‘Love & Savagery’

According to the latest news, we can now have a peak at both the poster and the trailer of the film Love & Savagery, which will be released in Canada on November 6, 2009. In case you were wondering, both the poster and the trailer were found on the web site of Morag Productions, the movie studio that is mainly in charge of the production of this film. By the way, the following is a detailed description of the film.


Adapted from a novel by Des Walsh, Love & Savagery follows Michael McCarthy (Allan Hawco), a geologist and a poet from Newfoundland. In 1968, he travels to Ballyvaughan, in Ireland, to examine the “Burren” a geological wonder. Besides, he falls in love with Cathleen (Sarah Greene), a young woman who plans to be a nun. However, what will Cathleen choose? Michael or God? Or can she love both?

Further informations:

Director: John N. Smith
Americans (if not the world) probably remember him as the director of Dangerous Minds (1995), a film starring Michelle Pfeiffer. Besides, Smith has also directed acclaimed films such as The Englishman's Boy and The Boys of St-Vincent, a historical drama that takes place in Newfoundland.

Scriptwriter: Des Walsh
Also known as a poet and a playwright, Walsh wrote the script of Love & Savagery along with the original novel. In 1994, he won the Gemini Award for "Best Writing in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series" for The Boys of St-Vincent.

Allan Hawco as Michael McCarthy:
This native of Newfoundland has played in the TV series ZOS: Zone of Separation and will be in the upcoming TV series Republic of Doyle, which will premiere on CBC this winter.

Sarah Greene as Cathleen:
This will be a second film for this Irish actress. Besides, Love & Savagery is her first Canadian film. So far, she played in the Irish film Eden. Let's just hope that her accent is easy to understand, because between you and I, the Irish accent is extremely hard to understand.

Shooting locations: Newfoundland and the village of Ballyvaughan in County Clare, Ireland.

Trivia: When the film's footage was sent in Montreal for processing, it was kept for days by border officials at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. The reason? Because of the title, these officials believed that it was a porn film.

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