Friday, October 30, 2009

News: Claude Legault and Julie Perreault In a Thriller

Quebec's loveliest on-screen couple is back together after having moved us in the award-winning TV series Minuit, le soir. According to the latest news ([1] and [2]), Claude Legault (Les 3 p'tits cochons) and Julie Perreault (Horloge biologique) will be back together. This time, they will play a couple in a thriller à la Alfred Hitchcock.

In January 2010, Legault and Perreault will head to Mexico and also Cuba to shoot this thriller called Angle mort (translation: Blind Spot). They will play a couple who travels abroad and they're harassed by a serial killer who has a serious problem of road rage. Besides, the budget of the film will be $4 million. Finally, no further information is available regarding the full casting of Angle mort for now.

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