Monday, October 12, 2009

The Cultural Post Turns One

A birthday cake

One year ago, I decided to drop political blogging.* In doing so, I combined my love for writing (or should I say my desperate need to improve my English), movies, television and the Internet in order to deliver the second version of the blog (i.e.: Anh Khoi Do and Movies) that you're reading. One year later, I'm honoured to tell you that I'm keeping the course with my blog and I changed its name because I'm afraid that someone out there (except my acquaintances and my close friends from my daily life) might mispronounce my full name.

Obviously, one of the most wonderful moments was my discovery of the LAMB and its myriad of great movie blogs. Secondly, my main lowlight was this: after I saw Naked Lunch, a film directed by David Cronenberg, I didn't bother to write a review of it because I couldn't understand it.

Finally, since I have one exam to go through today and a book to finish for my class of history of literature after I get home, my next movie reviews should come Thursday and Saturday.

*Note: The reason why I'm still following politics, it's because I have to perform the duties any law-abiding citizen must do, which are: 1) having opinions for myself; 2) noticing how politicians make me want to bury my face in my hands; 3) voting for the next MP in my riding who deserves the honour to transform the House of Commons into a daycare centre; and 4) getting shocked when American presidential candidates talk about their religious life in public since, in the USA, the separation between the church and the state exists in compliance with the first amendment and the article 6 of the U.S. constitution. Come on! Laugh a little bit! I was just kidding.

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