Sunday, September 6, 2009

TV News: 'Being Erica' Premieres on Sept. 22

Good morning fellow Canadians from coast to coast! If you're planning to watch other stuff on TV besides the hockey season, here's a good news for you. Through Vlada over at Staying In, we can learn that Being Erica's anticipated second season will hit the Great White North on September 22 at 9 PM on CBC. As for the USA, SoapNet, a cable network, will air the show "in early 2010" although it's not a soap opera.

In the second season, Erica Strange (Erin Karpluk) is now a junior editor in a publishing house. Although she gained more confidence in herself, she's still got regrets in her life. In order to deal with them, Erica still sees a therapist. However, as the first season's finale suggested it, Dr. Naadiah is now replacing Dr. Tom (Michael Riley) for a while as the therapist who sends Erica back in time so that Erica can fix a given regret.

For more details on the script of the second season, read what Vlada has to say.

Countdown: 16 days before the premiere of Being Erica!

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