Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Preview: The Foundation

The Montreal Just for Laughs Festival is also an opportunity to see what Canada will offer in the future. In other words, there will be a screening of the five-parts comedy TV series The Foundation. Of course, since it's only a festival screening, only two episodes of the series (each one lasting for 22 minutes) will be shown at the National Film Board's (NFB) Cinérobothèque on July 23 at 7 PM.

Secondly, the show will eventually be broadcasted on Showcase, a cable network. What's the story? Here's what it is according to the web site of the Montreal Just for Laughs Film Festival:

The Foundation is a five-part television comedy series taking on the elite world of philanthropy and charity. Set in the world where sincerity, sentimentality and immense altruism are intertwined with legacy building and greed, the series tells the story of Michael Valmont-Selkirk (Mike Wilmot), an irresponsible, corrupt man holding the reins of a powerful non-profit organization. It is the study of an impressive hypocrite doing much wrong in the face of great righteousness.

Of course, after the presentation of the two episodes, "Mike Wilmot, producer-creator Michael Dowse (Young Americans, It’s All Gone Pete Tong) and other members of the cast will host a special question and answer session with the audience" according to the festival's web site.

The cast of the show: Mike Wilmot, Martin Sims, Rebecca Northan, Yvan Ponton, Paul J. Spence, Pat Kiely, Matt Silver.

Tickets for the screening can be bought online here. If you dislike online purchasing, then go to Just for Laughs box office at the 2111, St-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal. Thirdly, if the telephone is your method of choice, then here's the phone number: (514) 845-2322.

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