Sunday, June 21, 2009

News: After The Girlfriend Experience

Through many of my fellow movie bloggers, such as Joseph, a fellow Montrealer, and Ivy, who is possibly the world's biggest DVD hunter, I've heard quite often about The Girlfriend Experience. However, I haven't had the chance to see it because it hasn't been released up in the Greath White North. All right, now, let's get to the point. In an interview given to the newspaper La Presse, we learn that Sasha Grey will play in a film that combines horror and comedy.

This film is called Smash Cut and here's the poster (click on it to see a larger version of it):

Secondly, here's the synopsis provided by

Smash Cut is a satire of the filmmaking industry and the challenges of independent filmmaking, with a story that draws on the filmmakers’ real-life experiences. It follows the murderous exploits of Able Whitman, a horror-film director whose films are panned by critics and audiences alike - until he starts killing people and using their body parts as props in his new flick.

For anyone who is interested, the movie will premiere next month in Montreal during the Fantasia Festival. Finally, judging from the trailer, the film looks a little bit dumb, but I'll watch it just to give you my thoughts. Why? Because I care about this blog's readers, obviously.

Update (11:38 PM): Actually, I won't go see Smash Cut since I don't have the habit to waste my money on films that I'm prepared to loathe. It really depends of my mood.

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